Do Your Competitors’ Customers Hold the Key to Your Pricing Strategy?

Setting the price is one of the more complex activities we undertake when launching a new product or service.  As a starting point to evaluate pricing, we tend to triangulate three variables: cost, competition (price), and contribution.  These three dimensions alone are not sufficient, however, and each by itself is limiting.  For six years now, […]

The Six Tenets of Successful New Products

By Robert Goldberg

As consultants to new product development teams, the interplay of team and process is a dynamic that we think about and research on a consistent basis.  It’s long been believed that the right hire outweighs a standard process.  Smart, talented teams will always figure out how to make it happen, right?  What if […]

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Tactical Innovation Starts Here

Innovation sessions can be a daunting exercise for any company.  It can take months of preparation and planning, pulls employees out of the field and can often be very disappointing when the event concludes, leaving you with lots of ideas but no clear way forward.  We see a new wave coming and it’s centered on […]

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