Innovation Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

By Susan L. Penta

Much of what is written about innovation is focused on coming up with the next big disruptive idea but at MIDIOR we recognize that innovation comes in many shapes and sizes; from platform to process, new business models to distribution channels. There are many dimensions to successful innovation not the least of […]

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What’s Different About Tactical Innovation

By Robert Goldberg

Tactical innovation is a game of singles, not home runs. It’s about adapting to changes on the field and knowing where and how to leverage existing capabilities and competencies to better align players (products) to changing game conditions (market environment and competition) to achieve success. It’s not measured in seasons (years), although the […]

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Product Managers are Your Tactical Innovators

By Nora F. Gildea

While media attention loves to focus on disruptive innovation and taking the big swings, down in the trenches the individuals best positioned to innovate are sometimes overlooked. Not to downplay the enthusiasm for creating new markets but there are many well-run companies that continue to prosper without re-inventing the competitive landscape – […]